Making the jump and moving to Cumbria.

A year ago I was really quite happy. I had a good job, beautiful house, amazing family, loving

friends and a hobby that I loved making fused glass products like cheese boards and coasters.

So what would you do? Leave it all behind and start again!

But why I hear you cry. Well I suppose I had two reasons really. Firstly, as much as love my family and the fact that not one of them (to my knowledge) has ever lived anywhere other than Derbyshire and whilst that's fine, I love Cumbria and have done for years.

The second reason is going to be 4 soon...yep, you guessed it, my daughter, Ella.

When my hubby and I realised that Ella was on the way, we decided that the 'one day' dream of living 'up north', needed to be done in the next few years, or we would potentially need to stay put for the next 18 years. Technically I know we can move whilst shes in school, but I don't want to. I'm a firm believer that the friendships you make during school can impact your social circle for the rest of your life.

So the hunt began and we took the opportunity to visit family up in the Lakes as often as we could and take the scenic routes exploring the villages and towns. I came across an interesting house in a place called Kirkby Stephen, but the husband wasn't to keen. He remembered the place from his school days (he is now 45 years old) and claimed there was nothing there to see. But we were pleasantly surprised when we drove through.

Have you ever been to Kirkby Stephen? It has just the right amount of 'stuff' on the high street. Bakers, butchers, florist and coffee shops. It felt like the perfect place to raise our daughter.

So now, all that I really wanted was to be able to refocus on my glass work, then I had the perfect balance again. The hunt for a workshop began...and 3 weeks later I found the perfect little space with the calmest of views...about 2 minutes walk from my house!

And so the work began...the planning, the emailing, the begging and scrounging...all trying to make the new dream work. And its almost there. Just a few more weeks and The Makers Den will be ready to open to the public!

So I'm sure I'll be updating you further as we go, but one thing I will say, is that I'm so very glad I have made this jump. I work with fantastic people who are incredibly supportive of what my project is. I live around some of the friendliest people who are always willing to do you (yet another) favour. Without some of the fantastic friends we have made so far, I wouldn't have even been able to get the kiln in the workshop!

Local organisations such as the Eden District Council and the Eden Valley Business Hub have been outstanding in both support, advice and ongoing support, more of which you will be able to find out about later on!

OK, time to get off the stage and stop giving out the thanks. But before you go, keep checking in with me. This journey certainly hasn't ended...its only just the beginning and I would love it if you's pop back and see how I'm getting on. You never know...I might even have something interesting to tell you or an offer or two to share!

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